mini phpMyAdmin

miniMySQLAdmin this is mini analogue phpMyAdmin. Functional gutted, and some operations without SQL knowledge to do

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Web developers every day use phpmyadmin. This program alone occupies a niche Administration MySQL databases. There are a variety of desktop programs, but when it is necessary to provide access through the web, there only phpMyAdmin.

The only significant negative phpMyAdmin - size. Multilanguage, support all possible encodings, well conceived all necessary operations, virtually no knowledge of SQL - all require disc space.

When you need to quickly fix a couple of rows in the table, and the customer is given only ftp access, upload it all on the server unpacked problematic.

For single edits database I have developed miniMySQLAdmin. All that is needed, it is contained in a single file, the size of 300kb.

When to use miniMySQLAdmin

  1. if you need to quickly make changes and base, it does not want to enter the hosting panel

  2. not have access to phpMyAdmin or admin site is not

  3. to do group operations: delete, edit, cleaning, etc. all that through the admin panel to make a very long and uncomfortable

  4. there is no place or time for upload phpMyAdmin, hoster and it does not provide

  5. it happened, that you do not know your username and password to access the database, but you have access to FTP, and the site works some popular CMS or Framework (currently supported only Joomla and Yii, but the list will expand)

  6. nice design, based onTwitter Bootstrap 3.3

miniMySQLAdmin - it's multipurpose, because it allows you to work directly with the MySQL server, via SQL commands. To work practically does not require any additional settings. The code editor is built on the popular CodeMirror, which supports all features of desktop counterparts: tab, group tab, syntax highlighting, etc.

On github you download full verion miniMySQLAdmin, can use, as well as its file mysqladmin.php. This is packed full version in one file

Also, use file builder.php from root pack, you can create your own assembly tool.

Settings miniMySQLAdmin

On first entry into the program, you will need to enter the connection information. Or, if not available, but the server is worth Joomla, Yii or other popular system (to be completed) then select it from the drop-down list

miniMySQLAdmin settings

Displays a list of available databases

When you enter the correct data connection settings, the program will offer a list of available database server

miniMySQLAdmin displays a list of available databases

Displays a list of all tables in the selected database

Once you select one of the available databases, the program will display all the available tables in it.

miniMySQLAdmin list all tables from a database

Group deleting records

Records can be removed, as one by one, and group. To do this, each record in a key field as a checkbox

miniMySQLAdmin group operation

Edit records

The program is implemented editing of one row in the table. When editing, the form opens, where for each field type displays its type input fields

miniMySQLAdmin edit records

Additional settings

Also, as in the program has phpmyadmin config where you can configure the default connection. For the original version, it will be in the file includes/config.php to the very top of the compiled file

$config = array(