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Source parameters

You can choose between two variants: use server directory for images slider or use set of different sliders

Source parameters Nice Carusel Source parameters Nice Carusel


Dimensions parameters Nice Carusel
  • Image width
  • Image height
  • How to resize - this option set how image will be croped or resize

Basic parameters

Basic parameters Nice Carusel
  • Use the lightbox - when you click on some picture in the slider will open Lightbox
  • Show link copyright - under slider will shown link to
  • Include jQuery - if you use template without jQuery you should use this option
  • Title - option for the previous option
  • Show title - module can show module's name without specific template
  • Theme - it is the main parameter to customize the appearance of the slider. You can choose one of several options appearance

Slider parameters

Slider parameters Nice Carusel
  • margin-right(px) on item. - margin beetween items
  • Stage Padding - Padding left and right on stage (can see neighbours)
  • Inifnity loop - Duplicate last and first items to get loop illusion
  • Center item - Works well with even an odd number of items
  • Lazy load images - data-src and data-src-retina for highres. Also load images into background inline style if element is not <img&rt;
  • lazyContent - was introduced during beta tests but i removed it from the final release due to bad implementation. It is a nice options so i will work on it in the nearest feature.
  • autoplay - - Autoplay.
  • Autoplay Hover Pause - Pause on mouse hover
  • Merge items - Looking for data-merge='{number}' inside item..
  • Fit merged items - if screen is smaller than items value
  • Set non grid content - Auto width. Try using width style on divs
  • Start position - slide's number by which will sliding starts
  • Listen to url hash changes - data-hash on items is required
  • Easing for CSS2 $.animate.
  • CSS3 animation out.
  • CSS3 animation in.
  • Navigation slide by x - 'page' string can be set to slide by page.

Mousewheel parameters

Mousewheel parameters Nice Carusel
  • Use mousewheel - use mousewheel event for sliding
  • Invert scrolling with the mousewheel - invert mousewheel behavior

Items parameters

Items parameters Nice Carusel

Responsive parameters

Object containing responsive options. Can be set to false to remove responsive capabilities.

  • Count items for screen more 1000px
  • Count items by screen more 600px and less 1000px
  • Count items by screen less 600px
  • Responsive refresh rate

Video parameters

Video parameters Nice Carusel
  • Enable fetching YouTube/Vimeo videos - when video type is used in slider
  • Set height for videos
  • Set width for videos

Drag parameters

Drag parameters Nice Carusel
  • Use drag - Mouse drag enabled.
  • Touch drag enabled.
  • Stage pull to edge.
  • Item pull to edge.

Navigate parameters

Navigate parameters Nice Carusel
  • Where show buttons - inside or ouside slider
  • Show navigate only on hover - next/prev buttons will shown only mouse will over slider
  • Invert button Next - Back - invert next/prev buttons behaviors
  • Show dots navigation
  • Show dots each x item - when previus option id enabled, you can chose paging or slidebyslide navigation

Speed parameters

Speed parameters Nice Carusel
  • Smart speed - Speed Calculate. More info to come..
  • Fluid speed - Speed Calculate. More info to come..
  • autoplay speed
  • Pagination speed
  • Drag end speed

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