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Autocomplete like Google jQuery Plugin

JQuery Autocomplete plugin is a lightweight simple and easy in settings autocomplete like Google. Support Accent Folding

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How to use autocomplete?

Insert code

add this code after </body> in your document.

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" hr­ef="autocomplete.css"/>
<script sr­c="jquery.min.js"></script>
<scri­pt sr­c="autocomplete.js"></script>

Add data for autocomplete

var states = [
  'Alabama', 'Alaska', 'Arizona', 'Arkansas', 'California',
  'Colorado', 'Connecticut', 'Delaware', 'Florida', 'Georgia', 
  'Hawaii', 'Idaho', 'Illinois', 'Indiana', 'Iowa', 
  'Kansas', 'Kentucky', 'Louisiana', 'Maine', 'Maryland', 
  'Massachusetts', 'Michigan', 'Minnesota', 'Mississippi', 
  'Missouri', 'Montana', 'Nebraska', 'Nevada', 'New Hampshire',
  'New Jersey', 'New Mexico', 'New York', 'North Carolina', 
  'North Dakota', 'Ohio', 'Oklahoma', 'Oregon', 'Pennsylvania', 
  'Rhode Island', 'South Carolina', 'South Dakota', 'Tennessee', 
  'Texas', 'Utah', 'Vermont', 'Virginia', 'Washington', 
  'West Virginia', 'Wisconsin', 'Wyoming'

Init autocomplete plugin

$(function() {

Autocomplete from remote data


use ajax for getting data from server


or use custom function

  function( q,add ){

or combain static with dinamic variants


You can use not only array, you can use object

  {id:1, title:"alabama"},
  {id:2, title:"alaska"},
  {id:3, title:"georgia"},
  {id:4, title:"texas"},
  {id:6, title:"california"}
  return item['title']
  return item['title']

Full options list

Name default Ex.
minLength 0 {minLength:3}
The minimum length of the input query, the plugin will handle it
appendMethod "concat" {appendMethod:'replace'}
How to update a set of data source. If all your search logic is on the server side, you can disable the filter method and the valid and output data came from the server as it is
 valid: function () {
  return true;
  function (q, add){
   var url = '';
   jQuery.getJSON(url+"&format=json&geocode="+encodeURIComponent(q), function(data){
    var suggestions = [];
    if (data.response) {
     jQuery.each(data.response.GeoObjectCollection.featureMember, function(i, val){  
accents true
Enable accent Folding for Auto-Complete. When you will type «Àɬă» plugin will find «Alabama» item
replaceAccentsForRemote true
if accents==true and you are typing «Àɬă» plugin will find Alabama in local source. But if replaceAccentsForRemote==false then to remote server will be sent how is was written.
valueKey 'value'
The key for the identification field of the object, which contains the value
titleKey 'title' {titleKey:'value'}
The key for the identification field of the object, which contains the suggestion's label
highlight true
highlight the matching parts of words
showHint true
Show prompts behind the input field
Width for dropdown list
Custom style for dropdown list
itemStyle {} {itemStyle:{background:'red', color:'#fff', width:'500px'}
Custom style for dropdown list element
hintStyle false {hintStyle:{background:'red'}
When plugin inits, style for "Hint" element takes from input element. All style's field copy to "Hint" element, but you can add custom style to "Hint". It will be combined with the copied style
style false {style:{background:'red'}
Plugin wraps input element in DIV box. For it is possible to set a custom style
openOnFocus true
Open dropdown list after focus in input
closeOnBlur true
Close dropdown list after blur from input
autoselect false
When element lost focus and nothing was selected take first element from suggestions
limit 20
How many suggestions will be shown in drop-down list
visibleLimit 20
How many suggestions will be visible in drop-down list. If limit>visibleLimit then will show scrollbar
visibleHeight 0
Alternative for visibleLimit. It value simple reaplace visibleLimit*defaultHeightItem and will set max-height rule for dropdown list
defaultHeightItem 30
When dropdownlist not visible then imposible to get height from suggestion's item, so it value will be apply in this case
source []
  // local
  ['Alpha', 'Beta', 'Gamma'],
  // custom function
  function( q,add ){
  // local like object
  // dinamic from local server
  // preload data from local server
  // dinamic request from remote 
  // server through JSONP
    dataType : 'jsonp'
Source for suggestions, can be array or object or function.
getValue function
if in your data main value is not 'value' field, use it function
	return item.title
getTitle function
When an element is rendered, the text is taken from the "Title", but you can override this behavior
	return item.value
replace function
Function compiles a URL address for AJAX request. Default
function( url,query ){
 return url.replace('%QUERY%',encodeURIComponent(query));
render function
Function item renderer. Default
function( item,source,pid,query ){
 var value = item[this.valueKey],
     title = item[this.titleKey];
 return '<div '+(value==query?'class="active"':'')+
  ' data-value="'+
preparse function
Custom manipulate with data. Default
	return items;
valid function
Checks the suitability of a particular item, the current query. Default
function ( value,query ){
	return value.toLowerCase().indexOf(query.toLowerCase())!=-1;
filter function
Filter source's data. Default
function ( items,query,source ){
 var results = [],value = '';
 for(var i in items){
  value = items[i][this.valueKey];
  if( this.valid(value,query)  ){
  return results;
equal function
Method to search equal values. Default
function( value,query ){
 return query.toLowerCase()==value.substr(0,query.length).toLowerCase();
findRight function
Method to search for an item whose value will be placed in the Hint. Default
 var results = [],value = '';
 for(var i in items){
  value = items[i][this.valueKey];
  if( this.equal(value,query,source) ){
   return items[i];
 return false;


destroy Use when you need destroy plugin
// ...
update When the page size has been changed, or have been made some changes in DOM, you will need to recalculate the position and size to wrap plug
// ...
options(mixed _options) Set other options after init plugin
// ...
setSource(mixed source[,int id]) Set other source for plugin's suggestions. If you did not specify "id" when will by replace all sources list, but if you need replace only one source then you should be put second argument

    return item.title
    dataType : 'jsonp'
setSource([int id]) Sometimes you need replace only one field for source or just learn what is this option
//for above example
var first = $('#combine')
first.url = "/test.php?query=%QUERY%&test=1",

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