Jodit Editor

WYSIWYG and FileBrowser

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via bower
bower install jodit
via npm
npm install jodit
<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">
<script src="//"></script>
Self-hosted · Download files
<link rel="stylesheet" href="jodit.min.css">
<script src="jodit.min.js"></script>
<div id="editor"></div>
<script>var editor = new Jodit('#editor');</script>
Free for Non-commercial read more
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Icons different sizes for small places

var editor = new Jodit("#example0_0", {
    "toolbarButtonSize": "small"
var editor = new Jodit("#example0_1", {
    "toolbarButtonSize": "large"


var editor = new Jodit("#example1_0", {
    "theme": "dark"

Text icons

var editor = new Jodit("#example2_0", {
    "textIcons": true,
    "removeButtons": [

Split mode for proffessionals

You can work with the source code and with WYSIWYG editor at the same time

var editor = new Jodit('#split-editor', {
    defaultMode: Jodit.MODE_SPLIT

WYSIWYG for bloggers

Easy to work with the text, images and tables

You do not have sophisticated technical knowledge API

To extend the functionality of the editor , you do not need to seek out an example of the debt in the documentation. Everything is so simplified as possible .
It is necessary to add a button? There is nothing easier

And why all WYSIWYG editors do not have a built-in filebrowser

Working with images is a very important part of blogging . But most editors do not have built-in capabilities to upload / delete / move images .

And if they are , then it is done badly

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