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zTree.v3 version 3.5.16

jquery tree plugin



27 Mar 2014 version 3.5.17
  • no message
  • fixed Issue: 'excheck' package can't support jqueryUI 1.9
08 Mar 2014 version 3.5.16
  • fixed issue: if don't use 'exedit' package, the removeNode() method will can't trigger the 'beforeRemove' and 'onRemove' callback.
18 Oct 2013 version 3.5.15
  • v3.5.15 released
27 Jun 2013 version 3.5.14
  • release v3.5.14
01 Jun 2013 version 3.5.13
  • rename
  • release v3.5.13
09 Mar 2013 version 3.5.12
29 Jan 2013 version 3.5.11
16 Jan 2013 version 3.5.01

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Usage & Examples

Include jQuery.js,