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Wallpaper version 3.1.18

A jQuery plugin for smooth-scaling image and video backgrounds. Part of the Formstone Library.



15 Jun 2014 version 3.1.18
  • Fixing debounce issue with responding;
30 May 2014 version 3.1.17
  • Fixing bug with destroy method;
22 May 2014 version 3.1.16
  • Fixing demo
  • Really fixing it this time.
  • Fixing issue with encodeURI on background-image;
20 May 2014 version 3.1.15
  • Normalizing youtube loading;
19 May 2014 version 3.1.14
  • Fixing issue with image transitions
18 May 2014 version 3.1.13
  • Fixing more Safari issues...
13 May 2014 version 3.1.12
  • Fixing tag
  • Fixed issue with responsive images never being cleaned;
21 Apr 2014 version 3.1.11
  • Fixing safari issue - problem with 'pointer-events' property.
16 Apr 2014 version 3.1.9
  • Fixing wmode transparency issue issue... darn Flash.
  • So YouTube says to use the protocol agnostic method (//) but that doesn't work. Switching to always loading YouTube assets over https://
  • Fixing another YouTube related bug :/
15 Apr 2014 version 3.1.7
  • Fixing crazy bugs with switching multiple YouTube videos;
  • Fixing YouTube security bug.
09 Apr 2014 version 3.1.4
  • Fixing youtube regex bug; Fixing _cleanMedia function;
  • Fixing YouTube ratio issue;
  • Adding responsive image background support!
07 Apr 2014 version 3.1.2
  • Fixing YouTube thumbnail issue; Fixing YouTube looping issue;
01 Apr 2014 version 3.1.1
  • Media load first no longer fades;
28 Mar 2014 version 3.1.0
  • Adding YouTube video support!
  • Preliminary YouTube support;
26 Mar 2014 version 3.0.8
  • Fixing issues with timing and animation styles;
  • Fixing transition timing issue;
  • Switching to CSS transitions;
25 Mar 2014 version 3.0.7
  • Adding mute option for videos
19 Mar 2014 version 3.0.6
  • Adding data check to destroy method;
16 Feb 2014 version 3.0.5
  • Fixing demo formatting;
  • Modifying video support on mobile - now draws supplied poster;
05 Feb 2014 version 3.0.4
  • Fixing data checks;
28 Jan 2014 version 3.0.3
  • Updating demo;
  • Adding data checks to public methods;
12 Jan 2014 version 3.0.2
  • Moving defaults to the jQuery static method pattern: $.wallpaper("defaults", {});
11 Jan 2014 version 3.0.1
  • Updating build scripts;
03 Jan 2014 version 3.0.0
  • Ratcheting up version to 3.0.0 for consolidation and launch of
  • Fixing demo link
31 Dec 2013 version 2.2.1
  • Moving to formstone namespace.
  • Better documentation; Cleaned grunt file;
22 Dec 2013 version 2.2.0
13 Nov 2013 version 2.1.2
04 Nov 2013 version 2.1.1
29 Oct 2013 version 2.1.0
13 Oct 2013 version 2.0.3
10 Oct 2013 version 2.0.2
07 Oct 2013 version 2.0.1
01 Feb 2013 version 1.3.5
16 Jan 2013 version 1.3.4

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