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jQuery Viewport version 0.2.3

Makes an element as a handy viewport for displaying content with absolute position.



22 Jan 2013 version 0.2.3
  • Bumped version for the

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A jQuery plugin to watch when elements scroll into view.

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jQuery plugin that provides viewport/porthole

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An ultra-light jQuery plugin that tells you if the element is in the viewport, but with a twist.

jQuery ScrollSpy

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Qoopido Emerge

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jQuery plugin that adds a CSS class to selected elements when they have been scrolled into the...


Powerful programmable scrolling - scroll elements, DOM ranges or arbitrary points into...

jQuery .inSight()

Determine whether any of the matched elements are located within the browser's viewport.


A jQuery plugin to react when elements scroll into view.


On-scroll detecting whether the element entered or left the viewport.

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Usage & Examples

Include jQuery.js,


Mosaic Flow

Pinterest like responsive image grid for jQuery that doesn’t suck.