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UpDown.js version 0.0.1

UpDown.js provides a flexible way to traverse through containers and their child elements with either keyboard commands or custom events.



09 Sep 2013 version 0.0.1
  • adding jquery plugin json file
  • Update
  • Update
  • Update
  • renaming jquery.traverse to updown.js
  • Update Demo descriptions
  • Update copyright date
  • hidden next/prev on end examples
  • Update
  • updated example styles, fixed animate bug (not calling stop()), added a couple options
  • Update added scrollbar_move_additional_px
  • Update added scrollbar_animate_speed option
  • fixing example 2
  • examples - top bar with next/prev
  • removing table styles
  • updatd all examples to use same style
  • example updates
  • updating example css, again
  • updated example css
  • Update
  • removed installation instructions (little too obvious)

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