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TailorFit version 1.5.9

jQuery plugin that fits and centers elements within their containers.



18 Apr 2013 version 1.5.5
  • Update index.html
  • Once again trying to get the tags to work
  • Fixed package json
  • Added missing files
  • New homepage
  • Update
  • Update to fix jquery publishing
  • Deleting some redundant files
  • Added overflow options to crop-fit elements (usually images), Fixed a bug where infix tokens that were floats weren't tokenised properly, Removed percentage-based expressions in favour of modulo operator, Added support for exponents, Made some micro optimisations throughout (links to jperf tests in comments), Fixed the regex that checked if a value is an expression by escaping all unescaped operators.
  • Updated version number in manifest
  • Tags are being funny
  • Tags are being funny
  • Recreated tag for publishing
  • Added manifest for jQuery publishing

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