Best Period Picker

Tagger widget version 0.4.0

jQuery plugin to turn a HTML select into an auto-suggesting, tagging widget



01 Jun 2014 version 0.4.0
  • New version for jquery site and added contributor details
  • Added check filter input exists before calling function on it
  • Merge pull request #26 from benbasson/esc-clear-dropdown Hide dropdown menu when esc key is pressed.
  • Merge pull request #25 from benbasson/fix-clear-button Fix clear button positioning and behaviour.
  • Merge pull request #24 from benbasson/fix-filter-focus Allow focus on list filter input.
  • Merge pull request #23 from benbasson/fix-hidden-suggestion Fix suggestion when widget created without JSON.
20 Oct 2013 version 0.3.0
  • Updated version to 0.3.0 and added Ben Basson as an author
  • Merge pull request #8 from benbasson/upstream Fix HTML closing tags.
  • Merge pull request #1 from benbasson/master Add mandatory selection option.
08 Sep 2013 version 0.2.0
01 Sep 2013 version 0.1.0

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