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Smooth Image Loading version 1.0.4

A jQuery plugin to load images sequentially, thereby ensuring smoothness of prevalent loading animations.



25 Jan 2014 version 1.0.2
  • Updated version.
  • Added the jquery.json plugin whatever. Yep.
  • Realised I was a little too quick with the copypasta earlier. Abott.
  • Added a couple of comments. You know. Butt.
  • Removed the long-butt description of use, since it's in the README now. Butt.
  • Wrote some more stuff, I think.
  • Found out by mistake how to insert block quotes. I'm pretty tired right now.
  • Expanded the description a little bit. Calm as Hindu cows.
  • Added the minified version of the plugin as well. Oxygen gets you high.
  • Added sil.js to the repository. Yep.

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