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Simple jQuery Popup version 1.1.18

A lightweight and simple transition popup plugin



24 Jun 2014 version 1.1.18
  • change domain
  • change domain
  • change domain
  • change domain
26 Apr 2014 version 1.1.14
  • some class in handler element fix
11 Nov 2013 version 1.1.13
  • css refactor
  • css refactor
04 Nov 2013 version 1.1.12
  • jsonfile
  • css cross fix
  • json change
  • oh lold
  • js fix
  • js refactor, css cross in css3
01 Nov 2013 version 1.1.9
  • new url mechanism
08 Oct 2013 version 1.1.7
  • comment syntax err
  • custom events, new jquery
22 May 2013 version 1.1.6
  • eng comments
20 Feb 2013 version 1.1.5
  • hash
14 Feb 2013 version 1.1.4
  • vers
  • readme
  • config
  • fixes
30 Jan 2013 version 1.1.2
  • 1.1.2
  • 1.1.1
  • back
  • 1
  • formatting

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