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jQuery Rambling Slider version 0.4.0

A CoffeeScript improved modified version of the jQuery Nivo Slider by Gilbert Pellegrom, which is 'The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider'. It includes some new options and methods to give the slider the ability to adapt different image sizes, flash support and transition extensions.



06 Jun 2013 version 0.4.0
  • Autogenerate shipped file comments. This includes the current version of rambling.slider, as well as the month and year of the release in all the shipped .js and .css files.
02 Jun 2013 version 0.3.2
  • Bump to version 0.3.2
  • Move compiled js files to assets directory.
  • Use gruntjs-contrib-sass for stylesheet compilation.
  • Update repository url and project copyright.
  • Remove unnecessary file.
  • Rename package.json to rambling.slider.jquery.json This follows jQuery's 'Publishing your Plugin' guide. Also, the package.json is now a symlink to the plugin's manifest.
  • Use `throw` instead of `$.error` and use `#toThrow` matcher.
  • Add missing images for examples.

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