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plainOverlay version 0.4.0

The simple jQuery Plugin for customizable overlay which covers a page, elements or iframe-windows that is specified.



28 Jun 2014 version 0.4.0
  • Add `plainoverlay` class.
22 Apr 2014 version 0.3.0
  • Add custom events plainoverlayshow and plainoverlayhide
07 Apr 2014 version 0.2.2
  • Thicken overlay as default. (color, opacity)
  • Thicken overlay as default. (color, opacity)
  • Thicken overlay as default. (color, opacity)
09 Mar 2014 version 0.2.0
  • Add options.zIndex
21 Feb 2014 version 0.1.7
  • Add style 'cursor:wait'
17 Feb 2014 version 0.1.6
  • fix: experimental()
16 Feb 2014 version 0.1.5
  • down sizing
14 Feb 2014 version 0.1.4
  • Change Manifest File
  • fix: reset()
  • fix: reset()
  • fix: reset()
  • Change Manifest File
  • Enable Strict Mode
13 Feb 2014 version 0.1.0
  • Doc
  • Doc
  • first commit

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