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Phery.js PHP Ajax version 2.7.2

The bridge from jQuery to PHP, and vice-versa through AJAX. Using event delegation, forms and links can call PHP functions with only some data-* attributes, and perform RESTful requests using GET, POST, PUT, DELETE without any manual event binding, everything just works. You can also render partial views using ajax, loading only parts of the page. This plugin also allows you to upload files using AJAX on good browsers and IE10



01 May 2014 version 2.7.2
22 Dec 2013 version 2.7.0
  • forgot to add docs folder
  • Version 2.7.0
27 Oct 2013 version 2.6.1
26 Jul 2013 version 2.6.0
  • Version 2.6.0
27 Jun 2013 version 2.5.6
  • Added 'one' function
02 Jun 2013 version 2.5.5
  • 2.5.5
15 May 2013 version 2.5.4
14 May 2013 version 2.5.3
  • minified version
  • minified version
  • added retry callback If an ajax request times out and retry is enabled the retry event fires returning the try_count. Handy if you want to inform the end user what's going on. P.S. I added the 'retry' trigger after the 'before' trigger in the _fail routine for a specific reason. 'before' shows the loading... dialogue, 'retry' modifies the dialogues text to retrying... (1), retrying... (2), retrying... (3) etc.
  • 2.5.2
13 May 2013 version 2.5.1
  • 2.5.1
  • Fix for fragments in urls
29 Apr 2013 version 2.5.0
  • 2.5.0
23 Apr 2013 version 2.4.7
  • 2.4.7
20 Apr 2013 version 2.4.6
  • phery.json v2.4.6
31 Mar 2013 version 2.4.5
  • 2.4.5
25 Mar 2013 version 2.4.4
  • version 2.4.4
18 Mar 2013 version 2.4.3
  • Minor fixes to docs and prototype calls
16 Mar 2013 version 2.4.2
16 Feb 2013 version 2.4.1
  • version 2.4.1, since 2.4.0 shipped with debug variables exposed
  • 2.4.0
  • 2.4.0 compatible with jQuery >=1.9
21 Jan 2013 version 2.3.2
  • version 2.3.2 is incompatible with jQuery 1.9

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