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Numeric Input plug-in for jQuery version 1.0.0

A simple jQuery plug-in which sets an (input) element to only allow numbers.



19 May 2013 version 1.0.0
  • Fixing manifest file keywords and name
  • Added jQuery Manifest file.
  • Licence
  • Attempt to correct formatting on HTML input element.
  • More usage information. Reformatting. Test formatting
  • Some usage explaination and code formatting experimentation.
  • Plugin name change.
  • Added the description of plug-in options. Changed filename.
  • Added JS files for the Numeric Textbox jQuery plug-in Added two files: numericTextbox.js and the YUI compressed numericTextbox.min.js. Any changes should always contain the original uncompressed file and the minified JS file.

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Include jQuery.js,


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