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jQuery nanoGALLERY version 5.0.1

Image gallery simplified. Touch enabled, responsive, justified/cascading/grid layout and it supports cloud storage. Featuring multi-level navigation in albums, lightbox, combinable hover effects on thumbnails, slideshow, fullscreen, pagination, image lazy load, themes, deep linking, browser back/forward navigation, i18n, and pulling in Flickr, Picasa and Google+ photo albums among others.



05 Aug 2014 version 5.0.1
27 Jul 2014 version 5.0.0
03 Jun 2014 version 4.4.2
  • v4.4.2
19 May 2014 version 4.4.1
  • v4.4.1
30 Apr 2014 version 4.4.0
  • v4.4.0
02 Apr 2014 version 4.3.0
  • screenshot v4.3.0
  • v4.3.0
  • v4.3.0
  • clean
  • v4.3.0
  • v4.3.0
  • clean
  • ...
  • v4.3.0
  • v4.3.0
05 Mar 2014 version 4.2.1
  • v4.2.1
02 Mar 2014 version 4.2.0
  • v4.2.0
  • v4.2.0
  • v4.2.0
  • v4.2.0
  • v4.2.0
  • v4.2.0
  • v4.2.0
  • fancybox fix
  • v4.2.0
19 Jan 2014 version 4.1.0
  • v4.1.0
  • v4.1.0
  • v4.1.0
  • v4.1.0
09 Dec 2013 version 4.0.3
26 Nov 2013 version 4.0.2
19 Nov 2013 version 4.0.1
24 Sep 2013 version 3.3.0
01 Sep 2013 version 3.2.6
12 Aug 2013 version 3.2.2
04 Jul 2013 version 3.2.1
02 Jul 2013 version 3.2.0

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