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Mosaic Flow version 0.2.5

Pinterest like responsive image grid for jQuery that doesn’t suck.



12 Dec 2013 version 0.2.5
  • v0.2.5
  • v0.2.5
  • updated changelog due to new version
  • Merge pull request #26 from matmuchrapna/adding-fixes Adding fixes
  • added camelСase requirement to jshint and validated code
  • fixed error with updating lowest column while adding new items (closed #11)
  • added .gitignore
23 Nov 2013 version 0.2.4
  • Update version info.
  • v0.2.4
  • v0.2.3
  • Changelog.
  • Move changelog to separate file.
  • Merge pull request #24 from raulferras/fix-tempContainer-shrink Temporal Container never shrunk when resizing viewport.
17 Oct 2013 version 0.2.3
  • Update URL in banner.
  • component.json -> bower.json.
  • component.json -> bower.json.
  • component.json -> bower.json.
  • v0.2.3
  • Changelog.
  • Update deps.
  • Add Travis CI.
  • Add jscs.
  • Remove unnecessary loop.
30 Jun 2013 version 0.2.1
03 Jun 2013 version 0.2.0
31 Jan 2013 version 0.1.0

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