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jQuery Lazy Image Loader version 0.2.2

The fast and lightweight Lazy plugin for jQuery loads specified images and backgrounds in view after the page itself and speed up your loading time through this. Images outside of the visible area will only be loaded when the user scrolls to them, in both vertical directions, from top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top. This will not only increase the page loading speed, it will even decrease your traffic.



07 Sep 2014 version 0.2.2
04 Sep 2014 version 0.2.1
19 Aug 2014 version 0.1.19
20 May 2014 version 0.1.18
  • 0.1.18 fix bower.json
  • 0.1.17 Make Lazy available through Bower.
18 Feb 2014 version 0.1.16
  • 0.1.16 - added new event 'onFinishedAll' wich get triggered once all images are loaded - updated readme file
15 Dec 2013 version 0.1.15
  • 0.1.15 add possibility to set the scroll listener to a specific element
08 Dec 2013 version 0.1.14
  • 0.1.14 remove tab-spacing from code, just for nicer view
  • Revert "0.1.14" This reverts commit 5c649c6fffa7c01d180510e24797f9bdf1240fd3.
  • 0.1.14 remove tab-spacing from code, just for nicer view
  • 0.1.13 - fixed bug in ie when using 'onLoad' or 'onError' - callbacks now only have the layz loaded element itself as parameter, the pseudo image has been removed - central callback trigger implemented
28 Nov 2013 version 0.1.12
  • 0.1.12 Fixed unnecessary copy of element attributes. Thanks to yoelp for the hint!
25 Jul 2013 version 0.1.11
  • 0.1.11 update definition json
  • 0.1.11 - fixed a bug with jQuery versions below 1.6 - fixed some typos
15 Jul 2013 version 0.1.10
  • 0.1.9 - complete rewritten image processing part - some more comments in the code added - fixed: afterLoad and onError callback on non-img tags now working correct
09 Jul 2013 version 0.1.7
  • 0.1.7 - general code cleanup - enable lazy loading for other html tags as 'img' by css attribute 'background-image'
23 Jun 2013 version 0.1.6
  • update plugin page
25 Feb 2013 version 0.1.5
  • 0.1.5 change some wrong description
22 Jan 2013 version 0.1.4
  • 0.1.4 - add "onLoad" callback - add "onError" callback - set default "threshold" to "500" - improve item cleanup - fix multiple loading at IE7 and IE8 - fix multiple loading after changing source attribute and not removing it - cleanup source code
21 Jan 2013 version 0.1.3
  • 0.1.3 - add 'bind' parameter - add 'combined' parameter - add 'allImages' parameter to lazyLoadImages() function - change 'delay' parameter behavior - fixed bug on delayed loading and scrolling - fixed bug in _getActualHeight(), uses width isted of height - add an alias for 'Lazy' - impore some parts of the code
19 Jan 2013 version 0.1.2
  • update 0.1.2 - add "delay" option - add "effect" option - add "effectTime" option - improve throttle function - change item selector for better performance
18 Jan 2013 version 0.1.1
  • update json file
  • init initial commit

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