Best Period Picker

Keyboard version 1.18.11

Virtual Keyboard using jQuery UI



15 Jul 2014 version 1.18.11
  • Scramble no longer breaks layout when initialized twice. Fixes #283
07 Jul 2014 version 1.18.10
  • version bump
  • Removed "aria-haspopup" from the preview clone
  • Merge pull request #285 from aflorea/romanian_translation translated layout for the romanian standard system
  • fixed typo
  • added romanian layout to layouts.html
  • translated layout for the romanian standard system
31 May 2014 version 1.18.9
15 May 2014 version 1.18.8
  • Fix position collision default when usePreview is false
26 Mar 2014 version 1.18.6
  • version bump
  • Colon key works without mousewheel script. Fixes #264
19 Mar 2014 version 1.18.5
  • update readme
  • version bump
  • bksp action key function now correctly called. Fixes #261
05 Mar 2014 version 1.18.3
  • Include min update
  • version bump
  • Destroy method works before reveal. Fixes #247
  • Empty buttons class name return & can now include set widths. Fixes #244
28 Feb 2014 version 1.18.2
18 Feb 2014 version 1.18.1
  • Scramble extension no longer ignores spacers. Fixes #240
  • Add type to keyboard buttons
  • version bump & mobile link fixes
  • Custom layouts now stored using a unique hash
16 Feb 2014 version 1.18.0
03 Feb 2014 version 1.17.19
03 Jan 2014 version 1.17.18
22 Nov 2013 version 1.17.16
16 Nov 2013 version 1.17.15
15 Nov 2013 version 1.17.13
21 Oct 2013 version 1.17.12
06 Oct 2013 version 1.17.8
12 May 2013 version 1.17.7
09 May 2013 version 1.17.6
05 May 2013 version 1.17.5
13 Apr 2013 version 1.17.4
04 Apr 2013 version 1.17.3
28 Mar 2013 version 1.17.2
11 Feb 2013 version 1.17.1

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