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jCanvas version 14.08.16

jCanvas brings jQuery's powerful syntax and capability to the HTML5 canvas. Quickly create canvas-based apps that can utilize layers, animations, events, and much more. jCanvas works on all modern browsers and platforms, including iOS and Android.



15 Aug 2014 version 14.08.16
14 Aug 2014 version 14.08.15
06 Aug 2014 version 14.08.07
15 Jul 2014 version 14.07.16
  • Fixed a bug in which the `text` property could not be a number
03 Jul 2014 version 14.07.04
  • Number values formatted as strings are now coerced to numbers
05 Jun 2014 version 14.06.06
  • Fixed a bug affecting images created from data URLs on Firefox
19 May 2014 version 14.05.20
  • Removed the jCanvas() method and switched to the new inheritance model
11 May 2014 version 14.05.12
  • Fixed a bug in which jCanvas would throw an error on IE9
09 May 2014 version 14.05.10
  • Fixed a bug affecting the new dashed path properties on IE
08 May 2014 version 14.05.09
21 Apr 2014 version 14.04.22
  • Fixed a bug which caused function layers to run recursively (#152)
13 Apr 2014 version 14.04.14
26 Mar 2014 version 14.03.27
  • Added support for dashed lines (support varies by browser) Dashed lines can be added using the `strokeDash` and `strokeDashOffset` properties
19 Mar 2014 version 14.03.20
18 Mar 2014 version 14.03.19
  • Fixed a bug affecting the `cursors` property * Fixed a bug in which the `cursors` property would fail to work if an image layer was present * Exposed several methods for developer use, including `setCanvasFont()` and `measureText()`
13 Mar 2014 version 14.03.14
  • Added support for the new crossOrigin property in createPattern()
08 Mar 2014 version 14.03.09
  • Added a new crossOrigin property for images * Fixed a few bugs in the jCanvas Handles plugin
28 Feb 2014 version 14.03.01
  • Added the ability to draw arc text, and fixed a number of bugs * Added support for text along an arc. See the docs for details * Fixed a bug in which `rotateCanvas()`, `scaleCanvas()`, and `translateCanvas()` could not be added as layers using `addLayer()` * Fixed a bug which would affect the positioning of Bézier curves in the `drawPath()` method * Fixed a bug in which a rectangle with negative `width` or `height` specified could not be drawn if it had a `cornerRadius` greater than zero * Fixed a bug in which a rectangle could not be drawn if it had a `cornerRadius` less than zero
21 Jan 2014 version 14.01.22
20 Jan 2014 version 14.01.21
  • Added X-UA-Compatible header to unit test pages
  • Fixed a bug affecting the `baseline` property (#138)
06 Jan 2014 version 14.01.07
  • Added a test suite and fixed a number of bugs * Added a `$.jCanvas.clearCache()` method, allowing developers to manually clear the jCanvas internal cache * Fixed a bug in which the object passed to an event callback may not have been a reference to the actual layer * Fixed a bug which caused an event callback to fire recursively if it contained a call to the `drawLayers()` method * Fixed a bug in which the `getLayer()` and `getLayerGroup()` methods would throw an error for an empty jQuery collection * Fixed a bug in which the `removeLayerGroup()` method did not trigger the `remove` event * Fixed a critical bug with the `delayLayerGroup()` method * Fixed a bug with the value of the `$.support.canvas` property
31 Dec 2013 version 14.01.01
  • Added a multitude of new features and fixes * Added a feature called event hooks; event hooks allow you to bind callbacks to a canvas when an event fires for any layer on that canvas. See the docs for details. * Added an official jCanvas plugins repository. See the new jCanvas Plugins page for details. * Added new `dx` and `dy` event properties for draggable layers, which can be used to detect the change in position when dragging. * Added the following events: `add`, `remove`, `change`, `move`, `animatestart`, `animate`, `animateend`, `stop`, and `delay`. See the docs for details. * The `load` callback for images is now an official jCanvas event and therefore can be used with event hooks. * Added a new `type` property for the plugin API to indicate the type of drawing being drawn. * Added a new drawing type `circle` which is simply an alias to the type `arc`. * Added a new function, `setGlobalProps()`, to the plugin API * Removed the `fireDragGroupEvents` property; events no longer fire for layers that are dragged indirectly. * Fixed a bug affecting layers with `disableEvents` set to `true`. * Fixed a bug affecting the `step` callback for the `animateLayer()` method. * Fixed a bug in which `mouseout` and `mouseover` events would repeatedly (and unintentionally) fire when dragging a layer. * The `dragstart`, `drag`, and `dragstop` now fire before other mouse events (if their respective callbacks are defined, of course).
20 Nov 2013 version 13.11.21
  • Fixed a bug affecting non-layer drawings
18 Nov 2013 version 13.11.19
  • Fixed a bug affecting the measureText() method
16 Nov 2013 version 13.11.17
  • Added support for drawing arrows. See the documentation for details.
07 Nov 2013 version 13.11.08
  • Updated the version number
  • Fixed an issue where the offsetX and offsetY properties may not correctly reference the desired element
18 Jan 2013 version 13.01.19
17 Jan 2013 version 13.01.18

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