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jquery-hover-dropdown-box version 1.1.0

The jQuery plugin that provides interactive drop-down list box. Such as dropdown includes checkbox, text-input, etc...



04 Sep 2013 version 1.1.0
21 Aug 2013 version 1.0.0
  • Change(CHANGES): for v1.0.0
  • Add: Manifest for jQuery Plugin Registry
  • Add: Action link for input element of item
  • Change(Docs): Options in footer
  • Add(Docs): Methods in onClick and other handler.
  • Change(example): Header and event handler
  • Fix: Display position (hover mode)
  • Fix: Layout malfunction when scrollbar is displayed (with hover mode)
  • Change(design): Update
  • Change(example): style
  • Fix: Fading when hover
  • Fix(style): Fading
  • Fix: Change the checkbox to custom implemented element Because to unify layout and behavior, on Opera and Firefox.
  • Add( Project page url
  • Add: CHANGES and LICENSE(license.txt)
  • Add: Comment about the less with stylesheet.
  • Change: Update the codes and documents.

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