Best Period Picker

Horton version 0.1.7

jQuery plugin to make tables responsive to viewport size, sortable, filterable, and editable in-place.



12 Apr 2013 version 0.1.7
  • Fixed an incorrect row count for the "numRows" request.
  • Updated.
  • Updated.
  • Updated.
  • Added flag to search HTML instead of text by request. Modified filter function to accept the two new parameters (case sensitive and html).
11 Apr 2013 version 0.1.6
  • Fixed a syntax error.
  • Fixed a reported problem with selected a row's TD elements and a problem with empty cells not sorting properly.
  • Added initialization time column hiding by request.
  • Updated.
  • Added a case sensitivity flag by request.
  • Updated.
10 Apr 2013 version 0.1.5
  • Updated.
  • Updated.
  • Removed extraneous stuff.
  • Updated with test of programatic filtering and commented out editable plugin just because.
  • Modified to return a boolean if one or more rows matched a filter term.
  • Updated.
  • Updated.
  • Fixed two problematic selectors when resizing.
  • Fixed a problem with spurious row expander images showing up.
  • Fixed a problem with stacking event handlers.
  • Fixed invalid function name.
  • Fixed up button to turn sorting on or off.
  • Fixed a detail row hiding problem.

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