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guards.js version 1.4.0

Guard your forms with class (or any other selector).



10 Jul 2014 version 1.4.0
  • Package for 1.4.0 release.
  • Fix from jshint
  • Support binding events directly on the guard object. Fixes #19
12 Apr 2014 version 1.3.1
  • Fix input-prepend to work properly and allow building gem without pushing.
  • Package 1.3.1
  • Update documentation for new functionality.
  • Support data attribute guards for regex, allow and disallow.
09 Apr 2014 version 1.3.0
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/data-attribute-based-guards'
  • Package the new version of guards.
  • Update documentation for the upcoming 1.3.0 release.
11 Mar 2014 version 1.2.1
  • Update to 1.2.1 with "email" instead of "E-mail"
  • Replace all occurrences of E-mail with email See this and other sources:
  • Test with the latest versions of jQuery Make the default 1.10.1 over 2.x for cross-browser testing ease. Make the default 1.10.1 over 1.4.2 so that all tests will run by default.
  • Update therubyracer to a version compatible with Ruby 2.0
17 Sep 2013 version 1.2.0
  • Allow tagging bootstrap gem versions.
  • Add bootstrap gem to ignore.
  • Fix bootstrap version update.
27 Jun 2013 version 1.1.0
16 Apr 2013 version 1.0.0
24 Feb 2013 version 0.7.2
23 Feb 2013 version 0.7.1
21 Feb 2013 version 0.7.0
18 Feb 2013 version 0.6.5
15 Jan 2013 version 0.6.0

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