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jQuery Form Validator version 2.1.47

This plugin makes it easy to validate user input while keeping your HTML markup clean from javascript code. Even though this plugin has a wide range of validation functions it's designed to require as little bandwidth as possible. This is achieved by grouping together validation functions in "modules", making it possible for the programmer to load only those functions that's needed to validate a particular form.



08 Mar 2014 version 2.1.47
  • Fixed issue #100 and new release coming up
  • Fix for issue #82
  • now possible to return an array with errors from onVAlidate, issue #87
  • Added the attribute data-validation-postpone, issue ##96
  • Fixed issue #85
  • Fix for datepicker and issue #80
10 Jan 2014 version 2.1.38
  • Fix for issue #74
  • Fixed issues #71, #76, #75 and #77
26 Dec 2013 version 2.1.34
16 Nov 2013 version 2.1.27
28 Sep 2013 version 2.1.15
31 Aug 2013 version 2.1.9
21 Aug 2013 version 2.1.8
17 Aug 2013 version 2.1.6
16 Aug 2013 version 2.1.5
30 Jun 2013 version 1.0.0
11 Jun 2013 version 1.5.5
17 Jan 2013 version 1.5.3

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