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jQuery Form Validate version 0.4.2

jQuery Form Validate is a simple form validation plugin that allows you to easily validate your forms by applying various HTML data attributes.



23 May 2013 version 0.4.2
  • Update version number
06 Feb 2013 version 0.3.1
  • Update version, meta tag
  • Update to version 0.3
  • Update docs
  • Update readme
  • fix indnetation in readme
  • Update readme
  • Update license & readme No way I am gonna get rich of this thing like I originally thought. O well, I'll just give it away for free ;)
  • Show current language
  • Add language switcher, fancy!
  • Fix requiredIf error
  • Fix camelCase issue, add pirate
  • Complete camelCase conversion
  • Starting conversion to camelCase[ing] of validation methods
  • Fixes for JSHint
  • Update message method, example code
  • Add callbacks for messages

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