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ECheck Form Validation jQuery plugin version 3.0.1

The best jQuery form validation plugin——ECheck jQuery plugin!



17 Dec 2013 version 3.0.0
  • readme修改 readme修改
  • New Updated to version 3.0.0 The new upgrade! details please read readme.
11 Dec 2013 version 2.3.0
19 Oct 2013 version 2.2.0
31 Jul 2013 version 2.1.0
11 May 2013 version 2.0.2
05 May 2013 version 2.0.1
25 Apr 2013 version 2.0.0
  • version 2.0.0 version 2.0.0
  • modify user readme modify user readme
  • commit commit

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