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jquery-cropbox plugin version 0.1.9

jQuery plugin for in-place image cropping (zoom & pan, as opposed to select and drag). This plugin depends only on jQuery. If either `Hammer.js` or `jquery.hammer.js` is loaded, the cropbox plugin will support gestures for panning and zooming the cropbox. Similary, if the `jquery.mousewheel.js` plugin is loaded, then the cropbox plugin will support zoom in & out using the mousewheel. All dependencies on third party libraries (other than jQuery) are strictly optional. Support for CommonJS and AMD loading is built in. In browsers that support the HTML5 FIle API and Canvas API, the cropbox plugin provides mehtods to crop the image on the client and obtain the resulting cropped image as a Data URL or a binary blob to upload it to the server. Check out the plugin in action here



27 Apr 2014 version 0.1.9
  • Merge pull request #29 from smartcorestudio/master add option to replace text "Drag to crop" with custom text
18 Mar 2014 version 0.1.7
  • v0.1.7
  • fix hammer usage
10 Dec 2013 version 0.1.3
  • Bumped to new version.
  • Reverted to old zoom behavior (with fixes).
  • Fixed package.json for filenames (added uglifycss).
  • bumped version.
  • Fixed showControls and zoom bug.
  • Added showControls option.
  • Renamed getDataURI to getDataURL for consistency.
  • Inverted pinchin/pinchout behavior.
04 Dec 2013 version 0.1.2
  • Bumped version.
01 Dec 2013 version 0.1.1
29 Nov 2013 version 0.1.0

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