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carouselThis version 0.1.8

Carousel / Slider Plugin that focuses on ease of use and performance. Very light weight with 0 DOM heavy lifting after initialization of the plugin.



17 Feb 2013 version 0.1.8
  • Adds 'current' state for button in css
23 Jan 2013 version 0.1.4
  • adds test page
  • Adds title
  • First GH pages commit
  • Adds left and right button ID to config object
  • Modifies readme
  • Adds a default size for thumbnails nav
  • Makes size setting optional
  • Fixes error in Readme
  • Adds demo links
  • Adds a more polished demo page
  • Makes all JS files lower case
  • Modifies JS and CSS according to new plugin name
  • Modifies Manifest further
  • Modifies Readme and Manifest
  • Change manifest title
22 Jan 2013 version 0.1.3
  • Corrects bug with the navigation type proprety on the setting object
  • Adds new version to manifest
  • Correct typos in Manifest file
  • Adds License and Manifest Files
  • Renames to carouselThis

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