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jQuery Binder version 0.8.18

jQuery extension to track elements bound to a given event.



03 Oct 2013 version 0.8.18
  • minor output change
  • Adding headers to dist versions - bump version to v0.8.18
26 Sep 2013 version 0.8.12
  • committing tag v0.8.13
  • Wrapping in UMD definition, for AMD/CommonJS support, 0.8.12
25 Sep 2013 version 0.8.10
  • committing tag v0.8.10 - add required jquery dependency to .jquery.json
  • committing tag v0.8.9 - fixing plugins.jquery issues
  • committing tag v0.8.8 - another attempt to push to jquery plugins site
  • committing tag v0.8.7 -- publish to jquery plugins
  • committing tag v0.8.6
  • committing tag v0.8.5
  • committing tag v0.8.4
  • 'test'
  • fix build to clear dist directory before building, bump version.
  • Save work in progress... npm run-script build will now build the dist directory

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