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Bic Calendar version 3.2.3

A simple twitter bootstrap calendar / agenda to mark events and select range of dates.



31 Dec 2013 version 3.2.2
14 Dec 2013 version 3.0.0
18 Apr 2013 version 2.0.4
  • ...
  • ...
  • testing jquery upload plugin...2.0.4
  • testing jquery upload plugin...2.0.0
  • Rename biccalendar.jquery.json to bic_calendar.jquery.json
  • Update biccalendar.jquery.json
  • Rename bic_calendar.jquery.json to biccalendar.jquery.json
  • Update bic_calendar.jquery.json
  • Update bic_calendar.jquery.json
  • Update bic_calendar.jquery.json
  • Create bic_calendar.jquery.json
  • Update script with info (comment)
  • added min js
  • example moved to pages

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