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autoNumeric – Currency formatting made easy version 1.9.24

jQuery plugin that automatically formats currency (money) and numbers as you type on form inputs. It supports most International numeric formats and currency signs including those used in Europe, North and South America, Afirica, Asia and India (lakhs**)..



28 Jun 2014 version 1.9.24
  • fix
  • Modified to correctly handle xhtml pages This was required because jQuery.prop('tagName') returns upper-case on html5 pages and returns lower-case on xmhtl pages
20 Jun 2014 version 1.9.23
  • update version number, fixed oRide option on versio 2,0 BETA & added bower.jason file
  • merged change to getString method
  • Merge pull request #83 from chery-qualset-hcd-ca-gov/master Serialize ajax form values succeeds even when no autoNumeric initialized elements contained in form.
19 Apr 2014 version 1.9.22
  • fix bug and code cleanup Fixed a bug when a negative value uses brackets and currency sign on page reload thanks to Allen Dumaine Additional mods to the "set" method. Eliminated lastSetValue setting
29 Mar 2014 version 1.9.20
  • several changes Added input type = "tel" Fixed checkValue function for very small numbers Fixed bankers rounding
  • increase vMax default value
  • Updated version number after merge
  • Merge pull request #72 from bschelberg/master Fixed issue with very small numbers
22 Mar 2014 version 1.9.19
  • update to version 1.9.19
02 Dec 2013 version 1.9.18
  • fix format of text elements on pageload
27 Sep 2013 version 1.9.17
  • removed comments
  • Fixed leading zero on page load
10 Sep 2013 version 1.9.16
  • Bug fix on checkValue function
04 Aug 2013 version 1.9.14
  • bug fix in version 1.9.14
  • Added additional element support & code cleanup
01 Aug 2013 version 1.9.13
  • tab to space
  • fixed "get" method
08 Jul 2013 version 1.9.12
  • Fixed negative Brackets Fixed brackets on page load when the decimal character is a comma.
28 Jun 2013 version 1.9.10
  • another mod to the 'set' method
  • fixed 'set' method to handle page reload
21 Jun 2013 version 1.9.9
  • fixed read-me
19 May 2013 version 1.9.8
04 May 2013 version 1.9.7
21 Apr 2013 version 1.9.6
15 Apr 2013 version 1.9.5
12 Apr 2013 version 1.9.4
08 Apr 2013 version 1.9.3
30 Mar 2013 version 1.9.2
16 Mar 2013 version 1.9.1
11 Mar 2013 version 1.9.0
06 Mar 2013 version 1.8.9
05 Mar 2013 version 1.8.8
26 Feb 2013 version 1.8.6
15 Feb 2013 version 1.8.5
09 Feb 2013 version 1.8.3
08 Feb 2013 version 1.8.2

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