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jQuery ajax galley version 1.0.11

jQuery pluginn for loading gallery images progressively when the scroll bar hits bottom of the pageS.



05 Dec 2013 version 1.0.10
  • Avaiding binding of multiple clicks
  • Gallery Click functionality
07 Nov 2013 version 1.0.9
  • Modified Download Link
04 Nov 2013 version 1.0.8
  • Configuration Changes
  • Create MIT-LICENSE.txt
29 Oct 2013 version 1.0.7
  • Changes
  • Changes
21 Oct 2013 version 1.0.5
  • Update
  • Update
  • changes
  • changes
20 Oct 2013 version 1.0.2
  • Demo
  • Chnages
  • changes
19 Oct 2013 version 1.0.0
  • changes
  • Changes

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