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aciTree – A customizable treeview control version 4.4.0

aciTree renders a treeview control based on a simple data structure. The tree can be lazy loaded node by node through AJAX or the entire tree can be loaded in one go, including directly from a JavaScript variable. A simple PHP implementation for a file system tree is provided as an example, but any server-side language can be used. The tree can be manipulated using the aciTree API. The tree items can be added, loaded, updated, removed, their order can be changed ... and much more.



12 Apr 2014 version 4.5.0
  • performance improvements using the DOM API
03 Feb 2014 version 4.4.0
  • added methods to get/set columns content
31 Jan 2014 version 4.3.0
  • merge
  • added multiple selection support disabled/enabled state support new set of tree images: small/big size, square or arrow buttons and show branches or not (as separate options)
18 Dec 2013 version 4.2.1
  • fix for checkbox/radio buttons vs. hidden items
11 Dec 2013 version 4.2.0
  • multiple data sources option added added a new option to the .serialize method - to be able to serialize the entire tree structure
21 Nov 2013 version 4.1.1
  • fix for the unclosed span tag (checkbox/radio extensions)
20 Nov 2013 version 4.1.0
  • .serialize method added for checkboxes/radio-buttons new init options for checkbox/radio-button - to set how/when they are checked/unchecked when using the mouse
12 Nov 2013 version 4.0.0
  • added WAI-ARIA support moved to custom checkbox & radio-buttons focus/scroll bug fix
11 Oct 2013 version 3.7.0
  • added item search & filter fix for the `column` extension - added overflow:hidden to the added tags
04 Oct 2013 version 3.6.0
  • - improved AJAX support, it's now possible to use custom data structure/format - added support for hidden items - small bug fix for .remove & editable extension
26 Jul 2013 version 3.5.0
  • updated for latest aciSortable
24 Jun 2013 version 3.4.0
  • added direction to `checkboxChain`: -1 update only parents 1 update only childrens (true/false works as before)
21 Jun 2013 version 3.3.0
  • two new init options to cancel checkbox/radio button chaining
20 Jun 2013 version 3.2.0
  • added API methods to control the width & visibility of columns
01 Jun 2013 version 3.1.1
  • sortable bug fix
31 May 2013 version 3.1.0
  • - added drag & drop support for sorting tree items; - added new methods to the `utils` extension: .moveBefore, .moveAfter and .asChild; - bug fix for setting item level (and for his childrens) when swapping items; - updated to aciPlugin 1.4.0, using the .proxi method.
02 May 2013 version 3.0.0
  • released v3.0.0 final
14 Mar 2013 version 2.2.0
  • internal update to use aciPlugin, added the 'selectable' options (item selection & kayboard navigation)
01 Mar 2013 version 2.1.0
  • added 'reverse' to .getPath & extra checkbox/radio-button demos
27 Feb 2013 version 2.0.0
  • updated to 2.0.0 (the API changed from 1.x, added notification events on almost all operations)

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Usage & Examples

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