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Source parameters

You can choose between two variants: use server directory for images slider or use set of different sliders

Source parameters Nice Carusel Source parameters Nice Carusel


Dimensions parameters Nice Carusel
  • Image width
  • Image height
  • How to resize - this option set how image will be croped or resize

Basic parameters

Basic parameters Nice Carusel
  • Use the lightbox - when you click on some picture in the slider will open Lightbox
  • Show link copyright - under slider will shown link to
  • Include jQuery - if you use template without jQuery you should use this option
  • Title - option for the previous option
  • Show title - module can show module's name without specific template
  • Theme - it is the main parameter to customize the appearance of the slider. You can choose one of several options appearance

Slider parameters

Slider parameters Nice Carusel
  • margin-right(px) on item. - margin beetween items
  • Stage Padding - Padding left and right on stage (can see neighbours)
  • Inifnity loop - Duplicate last and first items to get loop illusion
  • Center item - Works well with even an odd number of items
  • Lazy load images - data-src and data-src-retina for highres. Also load images into background inline style if element is not <img&rt;
  • lazyContent - was introduced during beta tests but i removed it from the final release due to bad implementation. It is a nice options so i will work on it in the nearest feature.
  • autoplay - - Autoplay.
  • Autoplay Hover Pause - Pause on mouse hover
  • Merge items - Looking for data-merge='{number}' inside item..
  • Fit merged items - if screen is smaller than items value
  • Set non grid content - Auto width. Try using width style on divs
  • Start position - slide's number by which will sliding starts
  • Listen to url hash changes - data-hash on items is required
  • Easing for CSS2 $.animate.
  • CSS3 animation out.
  • CSS3 animation in.
  • Navigation slide by x - 'page' string can be set to slide by page.

Mousewheel parameters

Mousewheel parameters Nice Carusel
  • Use mousewheel - use mousewheel event for sliding
  • Invert scrolling with the mousewheel - invert mousewheel behavior

Items parameters

Items parameters Nice Carusel

Responsive parameters

Object containing responsive options. Can be set to false to remove responsive capabilities.

  • Count items for screen more 1000px
  • Count items by screen more 600px and less 1000px
  • Count items by screen less 600px
  • Responsive refresh rate

Video parameters

Video parameters Nice Carusel
  • Enable fetching YouTube/Vimeo videos - when video type is used in slider
  • Set height for videos
  • Set width for videos

Drag parameters

Drag parameters Nice Carusel
  • Use drag - Mouse drag enabled.
  • Touch drag enabled.
  • Stage pull to edge.
  • Item pull to edge.

Navigate parameters

Navigate parameters Nice Carusel
  • Where show buttons - inside or ouside slider
  • Show navigate only on hover - next/prev buttons will shown only mouse will over slider
  • Invert button Next - Back - invert next/prev buttons behaviors
  • Show dots navigation
  • Show dots each x item - when previus option id enabled, you can chose paging or slidebyslide navigation

Speed parameters

Speed parameters Nice Carusel
  • Smart speed - Speed Calculate. More info to come..
  • Fluid speed - Speed Calculate. More info to come..
  • autoplay speed
  • Pagination speed
  • Drag end speed

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Nice Carusel Joomla module

Nice Carusel is extension for Joomla! 3.x / 2.5. Responsive, mobile ready with touch support. Each slide can have title and URL. Besides images can be used absolutely any content: video, html, material or category

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Example 2

  • One item slider
  • Buttons show only when mouse hover
  • Dots navigation is shown under slider
  • Autoplay enabled

Example 3

  • Small size
  • Autoplay enabled
  • Autoplay Hover Pause enabled

Example 4

  • Custom content

Example 5

  • Show labels
  • Show description under label
  • Add link to image
  • Hide dots navigation
  • In second example label is sown only on hover

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Yandex Map Construction Module for Joomla (supported vesion 2.5-3.2)

A year ago, we've created a service which is used to construct Yandex maps. Since that time, great amount of users started to apply it for their own. Although, module is not enough convinient. The main problem is, that user is still recieving a raw code on final result.

So to get rid of that, save your time and make construction process much easier, we developed upgraded module, simplified one.

From now on, creating Yandex Map bacame simpler like never before.