Terms of Use

Technical Support

Technical support is provided by email only. No representations or guarantees are made regarding the response itself or response time in which support questions are answered. Support service is limited to Bug reports (clients may report malfunctions they have found), Feature Suggestions (clients may suggest a feature to be added to the Software in the future) and Help Requests (clients require help with the Software). For the Bug Reports and Feature Suggestions we reserve the right to solely determine best course of action: we can accept, decline or postpone any work in regards of received Bug Reports or Feature Suggestion. We give no guarantee whatsoever that we will fix any particular malfunction and we reserve the right to determine whether Reported Bug is a malfunction or not. We don’t give any guarantee whatsoever that we will implement any of Suggested Features. We guarantee response to Help request (usually within two business days), but under no circumstances do we guarantee this time frame for all requests. We do, however, aim to provide the best support service possible, and in most cases it takes less time to hear back from us when you need help.

Premium support

Includes Technical Support but response to all requests does not exceed one business day and higher priority for reported issues.