Selection module

A module for working with the cursor, text selections, processing selections, inserting html in place of the cursor. most obvious use case

How to insert HTML into Jodit

There is a family of methods for this.[[Select.prototype.insertHTML]], [[Select.prototype.insertNode]], [[Select.prototype.insertImage]].

const jodit = Jodit.make('#editor');
jodit.selection.insertHTML('<span>some html</span>');
jodit.selection.insertNode(document.createElement('div')); // don't do that =) see [[core/create]]

How to set focus in Jodit editor

const jodit = Jodit.make('#editor');


Re-exports CHANGE
Re-exports CommitStyle
Re-exports INITIAL
Re-exports REPLACE
Re-exports Select
Re-exports UNSET
Re-exports UNWRAP
Re-exports WRAP
Re-exports _PREFIX
Re-exports moveNodeInsideStart
Re-exports moveTheNodeAlongTheEdgeOutward

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