Wrap inline nodes in block element

A plugin that ensures that there are no elements in the document that are not surrounded by a block element.

For example, the plugin will result in HTML:

test <img src="./test.png" />

Depending on the Config.enter setting to this view:

<p>test <img src="./test.png" /></p>

You may encounter a situation where your custom tags will be treated as inline by the plugin.
And he will also surround them in a block element.
To prevent this from happening, you can explicitly set in the settings which tags to avoid.

Jodit.make('#editor', {
  wrapNodes: {
    exclude: ['hr', 'style', 'my-component'],
    emptyBlockAfterInit: true

Plugin settings are under the namespace Config.wrapNodes

Plugin settings

  • emptyBlockAfterInit - If true, then after initialization, the plugin will add an empty paragraph block to the empty document.