Process paste

The plugin handles pasting text fragments from the clipboard.

To disable the plugin, just select:

Jodit.make('#editor', {
  disablePlugins: ['paste']


interface Config {
   * Ask before paste HTML in WYSIWYG mode
  askBeforePasteHTML: boolean;

   * When the user inserts a snippet of HTML, the plugin will prompt for the insertion method.
   * If the user inserts the same fragment again, the previously selected option will be used without prompting for confirmation.
  memorizeChoiceWhenPasteFragment: boolean;

   * Handle pasted text - similar to HTML
  processPasteHTML: boolean;

   * Inserts HTML line breaks before all newlines in a string
  nl2brInPlainText: boolean;

   * List of tags that will not be removed from the pasted HTML with INSERT_AS_TEXT mode
  pasteExcludeStripTags: HTMLTagNames[];

   * Options when inserting HTML string
  pasteHTMLActionList: IUIOption[];

   * Scroll the editor to the pasted fragment
  scrollToPastedContent: boolean;


const editor = new Jodit('#editor', {
  askBeforePasteHTML: true,
  memorizeChoiceWhenPasteFragment: true,
  processPasteHTML: true,
  nl2brInPlainText: true,
  pasteExcludeStripTags: Jodit.atom(['br', 'style']),
  pasteHTMLActionList: Jodit.atom([
    { value: Jodit.constants.INSERT_AS_HTML, text: 'Keep' },
    { value: Jodit.constants.INSERT_AS_TEXT, text: 'Insert as Text' },
    { value: Jodit.constants.INSERT_ONLY_TEXT, text: 'Insert only Text' }




PasteEvent: ClipboardEvent | DragEvent

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PastedValue: Object

Type declaration

Name Type
html string | Node
action? InsertMode

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