Plugin for processing images in a document.

  • Attaches a click handler to each image and select image after click
  • After load image fire - resize - for recalculating editor size
  • Checks if the imageProcessor.replaceDataURIToBlobIdInView option is enabled then converts image src which has data base64 to blob-uri

In this case, Jodit.value returns images with data-uri. And original textarea itself does the reverse replacement take place.

const editor = Jodit.make('#editor', {
imageProcessor: {
replaceDataURIToBlobIdInView: true // This is the default value, but for examples we set it

editor.value =
console.log(editor.value); // <p><img src=""/></p>
console.log(editor.getElementValue()); // '<p><img src=""/></p>'
console.log(editor.getNativeEditorValue()); // <p><img src="blob:http://localhost:2000/03377cf0-6260-4351-82ad-8a8901ea104f"></p>



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