Process hotkeys

Allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to Jodit commands.

Jodit.make('#editor', {
  commandToHotkeys: {
    removeFormat: ['ctrl+shift+m', 'cmd+shift+m'],
    insertOrderedList: ['ctrl+shift+7', 'cmd+shift+7'],
    insertUnorderedList: ['ctrl+shift+8, cmd+shift+8'],
    selectall: ['ctrl+a', 'cmd+a'],
    bold: ['ctrl+b']

Jodit supports many custom commands, but you can set any of the ones already built into the editor

Jodit.make('#editor', {
  commandToHotkeys: {
    insertParagraph: ['ctrl+shift+p', 'cmd+shift+p']


You can just set some callback on keyboard shortcuts:

Jodit.make('#editor', { disablePlugins: ['bold'] }).e.on(
  ['meta+b', 'control+b'],
  () => {
    alert('Do smth with text');
    return false;

Pay attention to the order of the keys in this case, it should be like this: meta, control, alt, shift, any.

For example:

  • meta+alt+t
  • control+alt+p
  • shift+d

Please note that, unlike the plugin settings, the ctrl and cmd keys here should be written exactly like this control and meta.


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