Show info messages

Allow show information messages inside editor:

const editor = Jodit.make('#editor');

editor.message.error('Hellow world!');'Hellow world!');
editor.message.success('Hellow world!', 3000); // Show 3 seconds

// or use `errorMessage` event'errorMessage', 'Hellow world!', 'error'); // or 'danger''errorMessage', 'Hellow world!', 'info'); // or 'primary''errorMessage', 'Hellow world!', 'secondary');'errorMessage', 'Hellow world!', 'success', 3000); // Show 3 seconds

If you want to override the appearance of popup messages, you can use the following css template:

.jodit-ui-message_variant_secondary {
--em-alert-color: #41464b;
--em-alert-bg: #e2e3e5;
--em-alert-border-color: #d3d6d8;

Where variant_secondary can be replaced with:

  • variant_error or type_danger
  • variant_info or type_primary
  • variant_success



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