Assistant functions are intended for small basic operations and are divided into subgroups.

For example, the Helpers/string subgroup is designed to work with strings:

Jodit.modules.Helpers.ucfirst('hello'); // Hello
Jodit.modules.Helpers.camelCase('hello-world'); // helloWorld
Jodit.modules.Helpers.trim('       hello-world  '); // hello-world
Jodit.modules.Helpers.kebabCase('helloWorld'); // hello-world

And the Helpers/html subgroup is designed to work with strings containing HTML:

Jodit.modules.Helpers.nl2br('hello\nworld'); // hello<br>world

All helpers, regardless of the group, are in the namespace Jodit.modules.Helpers

The most commonly used helpers are checkers Helpers/checker:

Jodit.modules.Helpers.isBoolean('hello'); // false

Jodit.modules.Helpers.isHtml('hello-world'); // false
Jodit.modules.Helpers.isHtml('<p>hello world</p>'); // true

Jodit.modules.Helpers.isInt('100'); // true
Jodit.modules.Helpers.isInt('100.1'); // false
Jodit.modules.Helpers.isInt('test'); // false

Jodit.modules.Helpers.isFunction(() => {}); // true
Jodit.modules.Helpers.isString(123); // false