Jodit component UI decorators

Decorators are designed to make it easier to work with UI components. Adding event handlers, state changes, and component status.

import { component, watch, hook } from 'jodit/core/decorators';
import { UIElement } from 'jodit/ui';

class UISomeReactElement extends UIElement {
state = {
color: 'red',
counter: 1

render(): string {
return `<div>
This text must be colored <span class="&__counter"></span>

onChangeColor(): void { = this.state.color;

onChangeColor(): void {
this.getElm('counter').innerText = this.state.counter.toString();

const elm = new UISomeReactElement(jodit);
elm.state.color = 'yellow';
elm.state.counter = 55;


Re-exports CachePropertyDescriptor
Re-exports cache
Re-exports cacheHTML
Re-exports component
Re-exports debounce
Re-exports derive
Re-exports getPropertyDescriptor
Re-exports hook
Re-exports idle
Re-exports nonenumerable
Re-exports persistent
Re-exports throttle
Re-exports wait
Re-exports watch

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