The base class of all Jodit UI components. Provides work with a life cycle.




    beforeDestruct: "beforeDestruct";
    beforeInit: "beforeInit";
    destructed: "destructed";
    ready: "ready";

Type declaration

  • beforeDestruct: "beforeDestruct"
  • beforeInit: "beforeInit"
  • destructed: "destructed"
  • ready: "ready"
async: IAsync = ...
buttonSize: "small" | "tiny" | "xsmall" | "middle" | "large" = 'middle'
container: HTMLFormElement
elements: IUIElement[] = []

Parent View element

mods: IDictionary<null | string | boolean, string> = {}
name: string = ''
options?: IDictionary<any, string>
ownerWindow: Window = window

The window in which jodit was created

syncMod: boolean = false

Synchronize mods to all children

uid: string


  • Parameters

    Returns void

  • Returns string

  • Returns any

  • Calc BEM element class name


    • elementName: string

      element name in the bem classification

    Returns string

  • Parameters

    • elementName: string
    • mod: string

    Returns string

  • Parameters

    • elementName: string
    • mod: string
    • modValue: string | boolean

    Returns string

  • Get BEM class modification value


    • this: IMods
    • name: string

    Returns ModType

  • Adds a handler for changing the component's status


    • status: ComponentStatus

      the status at which the callback is triggered

    • callback: ((component: UIForm) => void)

      a function that will be called when the status is status

        • (component: UIForm): void
        • Parameters

          Returns void

    Returns void

  • Parameters

    • text: string
    • Rest ...params: (string | number)[]

    Returns string

  • Parameters

    • handler: ((data: IDictionary<any, string>) => false | void)
        • (data: IDictionary<any, string>): false | void
        • Parameters

          Returns false | void

    Returns void

  • Set component status




    Returns void

  • Returns void

  • Update all children

    Returns void

  • Returns boolean


  • get componentName(): string
  • Returns string

  • get defaultTimeout(): number
  • Returns number

  • get isDestructed(): boolean
  • Component was destructed

    Returns boolean

  • get isInDestruct(): boolean
  • The component is currently undergoing destructuring or has already been destroyed. Those. you should not hang new events on him now or do anything else with him.

    Returns boolean

  • get isReady(): boolean
  • Component is ready for work

    Returns boolean

  • get j(): T
  • Shortcut for this.jodit

    Returns T

  • get ownerDocument(): Document
  • The document in which jodit was created

    Returns Document


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