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Speaking of binary option scam we must mention that there are enough honest reliable brokers for option trading. Among them – Opteck platform that provides safe trading and timely secure withdrawal.


Why there is so much fraud in options trading?

The fact that over the past couple of years binary options have made a huge boom on the Internet is probably well-known. Availability and apparent, at first glance, simplicity of work with binary options and their profitability attracts naive seekers of financial adventures in search of easy money.

Fraud is a serious topic that is also relevant to binary option trade, because there is no one who wants to be deceived and take unnecessary risks when it comes to money especially. If you choose the wrong broker, you expose yourself to the direct risk and certainly, we cannot deny the presence of rouge brokers in the market, no matter what their deception is.


Why so many people think binary option trading is a scam?

In fact, when a person without any trading experience in financial markets opens an account and starts trading with the hope to receive 85% of profits from each transaction, and as a result just loses money – then binary options are called scam and flimflam lottery.

In the context of the influx of freebie lovers, more and more often on the Internet we can see hysteria about binary options being a serious fraud, and binary brokers are huge scam schemes that entrap people in order to rob them of their money.

So where do such a number of disgruntled citizens, who "lost" their money trading binary options and thus decided to declare to the whole world that binary trading is a scam, spring from?


"Trading binary options is a swindle and a fraud!"

"Binary options is gambling, it is impossible to make money trading them!"

"I dumped $ 200 for a day!"

"Options are similar to casinos!", and things – that’s what reiterate many who fused tens, hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Is it fair that a lot of people do not trust binary options, or are there any reasons, in fact?


Let’s beat the matter out:


You should always remember that there are honest and dishonest brokers. Dishonest brokers just promote themselves, and also – they disburse positive feedback from pseudo-users.


1. A person, in principle, does not understand what he is doing and what he is about to deal with. The main reason why people consider this kind of trade unfair lies in their own literacy on the financial markets.

2. Binary options now cause mixed reviews from various categories of traders. Some believe it is scam and cheat, others consider it as another financial instrument and the possibility to earn.

3. There is a redistribution of money in any market and if some participants lose, others earn.

4. The apparent simplicity of binary options trading brought to the market many incompetent "fortune hunters" - in short, players. The low level of training, and often its total absence, in this category has led to a natural result – drain of the deposit.

Someone got disappointed and decided that the binary options is a spoof and scam, and someone realized that in order to achieve results in this business you need to ask for professionals’ help and turn to individual learning with theory and practice, or to comprehend all the wisdom of trading step by step.

Some companies that advertise themselves as brokers, in fact, have no real intention to give customers the opportunity to trade fairly and deliberately want to take the investors’ money. In such circumstances, the trader will find it difficult to get their money back.

However, brokers like Opteck prove that it is possible to make money on binary trading dealing with a solid and secure platform.